12 months ROADBIKE subscription included! Save on registration

We have a new partner – and they have not only a high bike affinity, but also convince with special offers tailored to us. There is a unique special offer for 24-hour road cyclists: 12 times of ROADBIKE magazine are included in the regular participation fee, there are no additional costs for you! The 12 month abo starts with Number 7 at June 10th 2020. With this special, Rad am Ring and Motor Presse Stuttgart would like to thank you for your participation in our top event. Starters in all other disciplines can get a mini-subscription for six issues of ROAD- or MOUNTAINBIKE with a discount of ten euros when registering for Rad am Ring. You only have to tick the corresponding box when registering online.

This special offer can also be easily added afterwards. Simply click on “Change data” at the bottom of the registration confirmation and rebook in your profile.