2019 Rad am Ring: Thank you everybody

More than 9,000 of you pedaled on the Nürburgring this year. That’s a record! And for that we would like to thank you very much. We are very happy that you seem to love Rad am Ring as much as we do. And we appreciate your commitment, your passion and also your willingness to suffer a little on this demanding course – no matter whether you rode the amateur races, the MTB-Marathon, the Kids Race or did some relaxed cruising with the e-bike. And even if the Eifel weather this time gave the 24h participants an extensive shower, we hope that you all had fun. You can be proud of yourself. We are proud of you- and award you the virtual “Bad Weather Badge of Honor”. See you at the end of July 2020 (presumably July 24 to 26) … there is still a bill open with the weather god after all!

Furthermore we would like to apologize for the hygienic condition of some sanitary facilities and the cold showers in the Mercedes Arena until Saturday afternoon. This was planned differently, which doesn’t help you much. We hope and are working on it, that this was a was a non-recurring slip. The helmet stickers were not up to the rain this year. We also apologize for that. This is on us and will be put off in 2020.