Dextro Energy

Energy for all at Rad am Ring

For years, Dextro Energy has been our partner in providing energy for athletes. This year too, Dextro Energy will ensure that you keep pedaling energetically until the finish line. At the Dextro booth in the expo area behind Box 26 and in Dextro Town (E lots), you can refill your water bottle for free as often as needed with water, ISO Fast, and Zero Calories. You can also purchase all Dextro products at the expo booth. A small sample in the form of Energy Gums is included in your starter pack. On the course, the main refreshment station at Hohe Acht offers Liquid Gels, Energy Bars, and ISO Fast, and before the climb to Hohe Acht, Dextro’s “refuel station” provides you with iso drinks, and a quad service circulating 24 hours with water and ISO Fast. Additionally, Dextro Energy sponsors the Kids Race and the riding skills training.