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Rad am Ring is more than just an event. With the Rad am Ring-Family you can challenge yourself and have fun the whole year – not only on the legendary Nürburgring. Get more information about the seven „Family Members“ by clicking!

eBike am Ring

E-fascination Nürburgring for everybody

Since 2018, eBike am Ring has been part of the event section of the Rad-Rad cycling festival, which summarizes the offers for the friends of electrified driving. So we stretch the arc of competition-oriented cycling to tourist pleasure cycling. On this page you will find all offers for E-Bike & more.

Circuit Cycling Nürburgring

Public race on the GP-Track

The Circuit Cycling Nürburgring takes place on May 16, 2020. There are two races of 60 or 100 kilometers to choose from, which will be driven on the 5.1 kilometer Grand Prix circuit of the Nürburgring. Due to the wavy profile with 105 meters altitude per lap, the Circuit Cycling will have its own racing character – without large, dangerous driver crowds. And the race of the German Cycling Cup series is family-friendly on top of that: it takes place on Saturday evening. So there will be enough time for other activities before and on Sunday, also directly at the Nürburgring with multimedia theater, historical racing exhibition, Carrera Grand Prix and much more.

Rad am Ring goes Mallorca

Together with Philipp’s Bike Team on the balearic island

We agreed to cooperate with the travel and training company Philipps Bike Team (PBT) for 2020. On February, the first training week starts in Santa Ponsa, Mallorca. Roger Nachbur, the sporting director of PBT, and many of his tour guides know Rad am Ring and can thus optimally represent us on the Balearic Islands. From 28.03. to 04. April, PBT will organize a cycling week especially for participants and fans of Rad am Ring. Starting point of the tours will be the Hotel Esperanza in Santa Ponsa. The Rad am Ring orga team will be in Mallorca this week to help shape the program. In addition to fun and news first-hand, a special night training is planned, where you can also try different lighting systems. To the offer: an evening workshop on technology, tactics, training and organizational preparation for the event at the Nürburgring.

Radsport Zentrum Nürburgring

Tours, Meetings, Tracks und Trainings

Around the legendary Nürburgring  are beautiful, challenging and scenic routes for cyclists of different ambitions and interests. With the Cycling Center Nürburgring we want to offer a colorful mix of tours, meetings, tracks and trainings ready for the RaR family. At the so-called „bike meetings“ you can even take the legendary racetrack five times before Rad am Ring. Further actions are MTB training camps, tours and trainings with our partner MTB-Xpert and in the future even indoor cycling. Last but not least there are wonderful tracks for enjoyable tours on- or offroad for all individualists.

Team Rad am Ring

Ambassadors on two wheels

The people behind Rad am Ring are passionate about it. This counts in particular for Holger Kremers, IT expert, event moderator and since 2016 also head of the team Rad am Ring. Every year, he brings together around 10 friends from Rad am Ring to form a cycling team. On the common race calendar are public races in Göttingen, Cologne or Münster and of course the 24h race at the Nürburgring, in Kehlheim and Zaandvort. In addition to well-trained legs and a good mood, the team can always answer your questions. Our ambassadors on two wheels will be pleased if you address them.

Gastlandschaften Rheinland-Pfalz

The holiday regions represent themselves

If you want to discover Germany by bike, you will find a variety of cycling paths and cycling tours in Rhineland-Palatinate. You can explore river landscapes on poetic cycling paths, e.g. on the Rhine Cycling Route or the Moselle Cycling Route. But you can also enjoy pure freedom in the mountain bike parks and on trails in the Eifel or Palatinate. With the roadbike, you can breath fresh mountain air and also jump in altitude. If you want to be more comfortable, get on your e-bike or pedelec.

An overview of cycling pleasure in Rhineland-Palatinate can be found here.

The Rhineland-Palatinate cycling network is thousands of kilometers long and can be found via this link.

Rad am Ring "on Tour"

Where you can meet us during the year

“Rad am Ring” is not limited to the cycling festival on the last weekend in July – we are “on tour” all year round. We ride with you, we show ourselves and we are looking for the dialogue with (former and future) participants, fans and (potential) partners. Over the year, we will meet the most varied cyclists and gladly take our partners with us. We participate in road and mountain bike races – mostly with our own team. You meet “Rad am Ring” at fairs and sporting events throughout Germany. The first version for the planning of the season is available. Subject to change.

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