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Four days of gravel fun in the Eifel

A classic win-win-win situation: one of the most exciting cycling regions in Germany meets what is currently probably the most exciting cycling discipline at one of the biggest cycling events in the country. At the Gravel Camp Rad am Ring, the gravel bike conquers the Eifel. For four days, the participants can discover the most beautiful routes around the famous Nürburgring on their daredevil bikes. Our tent city is located directly at the edge of the Formula 1 track, fully integrated into the cycling festival.

From there, from Thursday to Sunday, you can go on daily adventure rides, some smaller and some bigger, through the beautiful low mountain range. Between the Ahr valley in the north and the Volcanic Eifel in the south, you can really let off steam. And of course, the programme also includes a lap of the Nordschleife – probably the most legendary race track in the world.

Unlike bike-on-a-ring disciplines such as the Everyman Race or the 24-hour Race, the Gravel Camp is not about the fastest lap times or the fastest possible ride through the Eifel. Rather, we want to experience this fascinating world on varied tours, each in his or her own mode and at his or her own pace, have a nice coffee stop in between and toast together in the evening.

In between, there will always be the opportunity to watch the other competitions of Rad am Ring and to soak up the very special atmosphere of this event in the pit lane and expo area.

participants at the event
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Expo & Supporting programme


Varied through the “Mittelgebirge”

Four days of gravel tours and more await you at the Gravel Camp Rad am Ring. On Thursday and Sunday there are shorter laps to welcome and say goodbye, while on Friday and Saturday the longer tours through the region are on the programme. As a rule, the riders will ride on their own within a certain time window. Participants will receive the specific route data in the run-up to the event.


What to expect at the Gravel Camp

Thursday, 21.7. 

  • Arrival
  • Welcome ride
  • Evening programme

Friday, 22.7. 

  • Breakfast
  • Long loop through the Eifel (100-120 km), with the possibility of a short cut.
  • Gravel action in the expo area of Rad am Ring
  • Evening programme

Saturday, 23.7. 

  • Breakfast
  • Lap of Nordschleife
  • Lap through the Eifel
  • Evening programme

Sunday, 24.7. 

  • Nightride
  • Breakfast
  • Farewell ride
  • Departure


Gravel Camp Rad am Ring

The Gravel Camp is integrated into the Rad am Ring cycling festival and takes place in a specially provided area. You will spend the night in tents. Whether you bring your own tent or rent a camp bed in a tent on site is up to you. More information on prices and booking will follow soon.