MTB-Marathon becomes more attractive: Closer to the heart of the event

Rad am Ring loves studded tires. And in order to create a unique experience also for all mountain bikers who don’t want to ride for 24 hours at Rad am Ring, we have once again worked on the MTB-Marathon. The result: The discipline with its three distances (25, 50 and 75 km) moves even closer to the core of the event. This year, the race starts at 12:05 p.m. – and thus opens the series of amateur races. We have also worked on the course and will lead the mountain bike riders back to the Nürburgring on every lap. Unlike in previous years, the participants do not turn off before the GP track, but roll over it and along the paddock. This means each lap will be about 3.5 km longer – but the atmosphere definitely makes up for the “extra work”. Since the schedule is thus postponed, all those for whom a participation does not work out from a planning point of view then have the option to cancel free of charge. But honestly: we wouldn’t do that. You can find more information here.