Sportograf is online!

Sportograf is online with all footage – You will get your photos here:

Time Trial

Best-Of Time Trial


Best-Of 24h-MTB

Roadbike incl. Touring Rides

Best-Of Roadbike incl. Touring Rides


Best-Of MTB-Marathon

Problems with searching photos of the public race are clarified. Please make sure to enter the starting letter within the search. (Example 9292A). For your further information the first starting area 150km-race was „A“, the second „B“. At the 75km-race letters „C“ and „D“. Starting area „E“ was for participants of the 25km public race.

Obviously there were some problems with starting numbers 3.000 and up (24h-Roadbike team of 4). They are fixed now. Just try it again!