Open Letter: Thank you for your support!

To the questions posed in our open letter, there have been no or little concrete answers from the addressed government officials so far. Your feedback and encouragement, however, have been overwhelming. Even if we could not respond to everything personally, you can be sure that we in the team have read and discussed all your messages. Thank you very much for that!

Often we got the question if you can support us financially: It will help us the most if you compete at Rad am Ring 2022 and stay loyal to us! In addition, we will slightly adjust our prices for 2022, but leave you the choice whether you pay this surcharge. We are aware of the fact that the pandemic has not only torn a hole in our coffers and therefore want to find a fair solution for everyone. All those who have booked a starting place in 2021 will shortly receive an offer from us to transfer their starting place to 2022 (more information below). For all others, registration will open regularly in October 2022. Info on this will follow in due course.