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E-Bike-Fascination Nürburgring for everybody

Since 2018, eBike am Ring has been part of the event section of the Rad-Rad cycling festival, which summarizes the offers for the friends of electrified driving. So we stretch the arc of competition-oriented cycling to tourist pleasure cycling. On this page you will find all offers for E-Bike & more.

E-Bike-Fascination Nordschleife for free

By E-Bike over the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife

There, where motor racing fans pay a lot of money to ride legendary racing asphalt, e-bikers on July 25 between 9 and 12 clock (entrance to a maximum of 11:30 clock) get a turn for free: on the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring – called “Green Hell”! A lap over the Nordschleife measures about 22 kilometers and has almost 600 meters of altitude in addition to a lot of bends. On the perfect race track asphalt it cruises excellently and offers grip and also in the winding downhill passages, you can play with your own or a testbike. But speed is not obligatory. It would be a shame, if one did not realize how wonderful it feels to switch up the electric motor between the sections “Breidscheid” and “Hohe Acht” with up to 17 percent incline and smoothly fly up without the feeling have, the lung would burst right away. The round starts and ends in the original pit lane, very close to the expo and catering area. This way, e-bikers enjoy the Nürburgring’s entire racing infrastructure – plus the bonus of not having the competitive edge of being able to fully enjoy the good feeling of being on the track, which is considered a myth in motorsport circles (and not just there). You can rent our own pedelecs or use a testbikes, as long as the selected manufacturer releases the drive over the Nordschleife. Registration is necessary, online or on site.

Riding pleasure for everyone

Everything at a glance and everything digital. Whether test track or tour, off-road or on-road – there’s an overview map, detailed information and gpx data for everything. With the Rhineland-Palatinate app, which is ready for download, the data and maps can be easily loaded onto any smartphone. The test tracks are between three and ten kilometers long, the tour suggestions then gladly over 50 kilometers.

E-Bikes for rent

Rad am Ring offers an additional service for all e-bike friends and especially for those who want to become one. We have a total of ten Focus bikes in the rental fleet, which we also offer year-round at our events and with our partners. At Rad am Ring we will expand this fleet.