Rental bikes on site: Fleet will be expanded

Your wish is our command. Last year you asked for rental bikes at the event, this year we have some. At Rad am Ring we are expanding our new e-mountain bike rental fleet of Focus hardtail and full suspension bikes, which so far has consisted of ten bikes. You can try out e-biking for a rental fee, for example on the Saturday of the event while touring on the Nordschleife. However, it is not allowed to participate in competitions with the rental bikes. The temporary rental station is located in pit 33 in the Grand Prix paddock. Reservations can be made in advance at

For the Rad am Ring family we have also developed a few year-round rental bike offers. We will be on site with our ten rental bikes, e.g., at our own events as well as some events of our partners and offer the e-mountain bikes for rent all year round. For more information go here.