Smooth operations

What 24-hour participants need to know

The 24-hour race is a special challenge, also organizationally. Since all lots are fully booked this year and new ones have been added, there are several things to keep in mind to ensure everything runs smoothly and you can fully focus on the challenge posed by “Green Hell”!

Your lot and your neighbors: Keep within yours!
We are delighted that all lots are fully booked this year. However, this means that every lot is occupied. If you don’t set up according to the plan, your neighbor will have a problem or their neighbor will, and so on. Eventually, we will run out of space for people that have booked a lot, and everyone will need to re-install their lot in the correct way. This is time consuming and nerve-racking, so we ask you to stay within your lot’s dimensions when setting up. You can find the size of your lot HERE. The lot markings in form of barriers or stickers on the guardrail always mark the center of your parcel.

Everything you need to know about electricity supply on the parcels can be found HERE. The available power is limited. Therefore, high-power devices such as heaters and hairdryers are not allowed.

Branding on the lot:
Rules to be adhered to can be found HERE.

Barbecueing on the lot:
Open-fire barbecues with are prohibited on the entire site! Likewise, dumping barbecue coals to cool down is not allowed. They must be properly disposed of and completely extinguished! There is a risk of forest fires during dry conditions. We ask for your cooperation!

Didn’t receive or forgot your entry pass:
If your entry pass has not arrived before your departure, park in the A 8 parking lot (free for 1 hour) upon arrival at the Nürburgring and walk or bike to the participant center (pits 18-21). Bring your registration confirmation and contact the help desk staff to receive a replacement entry pass.

Changing or adding team riders on site:
Changing team riders for the 24-hour race costs five euros on site, and we charge a five-euro handling fee as well for late team additions. Please visit the participant center at our help desk (pits 18-21) for these changes. All changes must be made by Saturday at 8 PM.

Mounting transponder bottles for 24-hour teams:
Please note that the transponder bottles for teams are not magnetic and must be transported in a bottle holder.

Pro tips:
Professional tips for your 24-hour race from Christian Knees can be found HERE.