Starting grid

24h races and amateur races

In order for Rad am Ring to really get (and keep) going, we have to send the individual disciplines on their journey according to a specific start schedule. On the way to the starting blocks you will be divided into 3 entry zones:

BLACK = amateur & WPCC races
RED= 24h bike races
BLUE =  24h MTB races

Your helmet number is framed in the respective color. Please follow the instructions of the staff.

Special features of the starting block division of the amateur races

The first starting blocks (A and C – see right) will be filled with riders according to the regulations of the German Cycling Cup.

In addition, the first 50 men and the first 15 women of the respective races (75 or 150 km) of the previous year are qualified. We ask for your understanding that we cannot consider any further special requests regarding starting block allocation.