The Best Equipment for Rad am Ring

With 569 metres elevation, the 92 curves of the 26 km long Nürburgring are a real challenge. To ensure you’re riding safely into every curve, your wheels as well as your tyres must be perfectly tuned to your bike. Imagine: what would happen if it suddenly started to rain?

Ideally, you’ll be prepared for everything, and for a worst-case scenario, you’ll have packed a second wheelset with rain-ready tyres, thus allowing you to safely navigate curves in wet conditions.

However, choosing the right tyres isn’t the only thing to consider for the 24-hour race: small details on a road bike can make a huge difference in your overall time. Aerodynamics and friction are also crucial factors, so why not race through the Green Hell with an aero cockpit and ceramic derailleur pulleys? Every second counts!

At bike-components you’ll find components to get you through the north loop faster and safer! We’ve put together a perfect selection of aero cockpits, wheels, tyres and derailleur pulleys just for you.