We donate for children suffering from cancer and in need of help

The “Tour der Hoffnung” (tour of hope) has been collecting millions in donations for children suffering from cancer every year since 1983. 13 years later, a private initiative called “VOR-TOUR der Hoffnung” (pre-tour of hope) developed into a Rhineland-Palatinate-wide project which is now supporting the goal of the “Tour of Hope” with high six-figure sums. For 2019, we have decided to donate one euro per participant in the 24-hour races for the good cause of the VOR-TOUR der Hoffnung and hope that with your help we can raise over 5,000 euros – entirely in line with the project’s goal. Additional donations will be generated from the event element eBike am Ring. Comprehensive information about the project can be found at www.vortour-der-hoffnung.de.