Yvonne conquers the republic

Race Across Germany – Everyone who reads this newsletter knows that Yvonne, the head of sports of our sister organization Philipps Bike Team (PBT), is excellent on ultra long distances. She recently took on a new challenge: the Race Across Germany. This means 1,100 kilometers and 8,000 meters of elevation gain non-stop from Flensburg in the north to Garmisch in the south of the republic. With a finishing time of 47:06:00 hours, she not only finished second overall but also set a new women’s record in the supported category, meaning she was accompanied by a vehicle with food and change of clothes. And while Yvonne has, in her own words, “immense respect for the unsupported riders,” we have just as much respect for her: “Yvonne is not only a figurehead with regard to sports for Philipps Bike Team, but also as a person. She has incredible determination, always remains cheerful, and doesn’t take herself too seriously. Her entire demeanor is an asset for any company,” praises RaR and PBT head Hanns-Martin Fraas. The next long-distance challenge is already set: Yvonne will compete in the 24-hour solo category at Rad am Ring.