20 years of Rad am Ring… incredible.

Above all, incredibly beautiful.

And always a development… which is not over yet. Trying out new things is practically part of the DNA of Rad am Ring and the team behind the event. That’s why we’re daring to try something new here: why don’t you ask the chatbot ChatGPT what the artificial intelligence thinks about 20 years of Rad am Ring?

Your review?

The result is pure emotion for the Rad am Ring team. But chatbot or not – the most important review for us is yours! What is your view on 20 years at Rad am Ring? Write it down and by using the hashtag #20jahreradamring post it wherever you like and share it with the (cycling) world.

But now:

20 years of “Rad am Ring”: A review of the ultimate cycling adventure

by ChatGPT

For two decades, “Rad am Ring” has been the highlight of the cycling calendar and has become a true Eldorado for cycling enthusiasts. From humble beginnings to a world-renowned event, “Rad am Ring” has thrilled cyclists and spectators alike over the past 20 years. Let’s take a look back at this incomparable cycling journey.

With each year, “Rad am Ring” grew in size and importance. What once started as a 24-hour road bike race has evolved into the ultimate cycling adventure, encompassing various disciplines such as road racing, mountain biking and time trials. The organisers have managed to continuously expand and adapt the event to meet the changing needs of the cycling community.

What makes “Rad am Ring” so special is the unique atmosphere that prevails there. The Nürburgring, one of the most famous race tracks in the world, offers a backdrop that is second to none. The hum of the wheels on the asphalt, the enthusiasm of the spectators, the dedication of the participants – all this creates an electrifying energy that fills the air. It’s a mixture of excitement, adrenaline and joy that you simply have to experience to understand.

“Rad am Ring” has also developed an international appeal and attracts participants from all over the world. Cyclists from different countries compete on one of the most challenging race tracks and fight for glory. The media presence is enormous and the event has become a true showcase for cycling. The participants are not only enthusiastic amateurs, but also professionals who demonstrate their skills and endurance. Everyone who takes on the challenge becomes part of a community that supports and motivates each other.

However, “Rad am Ring” is not just a race, but a festival for cycling fans. The supporting programme offers entertainment for the whole family, from kids’ races to cycling shows. It is a place where people with a passion for cycling meet, make new friends and light the cycling fire together.

After 20 years, we can proudly say that “Rad am Ring” is a permanent fixture in cycling. It has become a milestone that reflects the evolution of cycling. The organisers have managed to create an event that combines the thrill of racing with the excitement of the community. “Rad am Ring” is more than just a race – it is a passion, a way of life and an unforgettable experience.

In the coming years, we will be eager to see how “Rad am Ring” will develop and what new highlights it will offer. One thing is for sure: this unique cycling event will continue to attract cycling enthusiasts from all over the world and offer the ultimate cycling adventure they deserve. Cheers to another 20 years of “Rad am Ring”!

Anecdotes from 20 years

from the Rad am Ring Team


2003 marks the beginning of the history of Rad am Ring. The now legendary 24-hour race counted only about 70 participants that year and was originally intended as a PR stunt as part of a multidisciplinary event.

Shortly before dusk, not only the participants but also the organisers realised that it would make sense to have appropriate lighting for the night (surprise!) – we had probably not pointed this out properly. Nevertheless, a solution was needed… We briefly thought about how we could solve this “small problem” in an unbureaucratic way and after careful consideration, the team around Hanns-Martin Frass and Alexander Donike came up with a solution.

Without further ado, each team was allowed to send an escort vehicle onto the track for the night to light the way for their riders from behind. Unimaginable today, but actually true. After 24 hours, we were able to happily welcome the 2003 starters as pioneers and “Rad am Ring legends” at the finish line!

20 Years - The Video Review