In this disciplines you can race through the “Green Hell”


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There’s no bad weather with the right bike wear

With 26 km of racetrack, 92 curves and 560 metres elevation, the Nürburgring, aka the Green Hell, demands a lot from Rad am Ring participants. Here solo competitors and team cyclists have different requirements in terms of clothing. While a solo competitor prioritizes comfort to endure 24 hours in the saddle, a team cyclist does…

Special guests for a good cause

After two years, Rad am Ring is certainly one of the highlights in the cycling calendar of many cyclists. This is also true for some starters who go to the start of the 24h race of #radamring2022 for the good cause and the good mood. Such as the lugers and 6-time Olympic champions Tobias Wendl…


Should arrive – check shipping address

For those who have already registered for the 24h races, we kindly ask you to check the shipping address for the entry tickets in the system, so that the tickets arrive correctly and on time. Please also check in the system whether all team drivers are registered. They must be fully booked in by 4…


Better now – registration deadline ahead

Those who still want to take advantage of the opportunity to conveniently register online for their favorite discipline can do so until midnight on 4 July. After that, potential participants can only register on site at the Participation Centre. This is not only cheaper, but also ensures the possibility to do everything comfortably from home…

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