Know where!

Do you want to know exactly where your team rider is at the moment? Or should even want the fan community at home be able to track your virtually? Then use the free tracking service from our timekeeper “Abavent”.

All you need is a smartphone with an active SIM card and a fully charged battery and the corresponding app. The Racemap app is available for free download from Google Play or the Apple Store. You can download it sometime before Rad am Ring.

Tracking for participants:

Shortly before the Rad am Ring weekend you will receive an activation key with installation instructions. Note: Please do not give this activation key to friends or observers as you can only use it one time! You have to register  yourself with this code on your smartphone. Then you activate the GPS tracking in the Racemap App 5 minutes before the start.

Tracking for companions & observers:

On the event homepage or directly via the Racemap App, companions can follow the race live at the start, finish or along the course or from home using your startnumber or name . No registration is necessary.

If you can’t find your tracking key or have any questions, you can contact the helpdesk in the Participants’ Centre (Box 18-21) during the event.


You can find out how you did on the ring almost immediately after the finish. Click here to go directly to the LIVE results only available during the event-weekend: