Dextro Energy Kids Race

The Ring riders of tomorrow

Dextro Energy Kids Race and Riding Skills Training

Dextro Energy has been a partner of Rad am Ring for many years and knows pretty much all facets of the event: whether it’s catering quads on the route, “filling station” at the Expo or active (and on the podium) at the races. Since 2016, Wolfgang Heller’s team has also been organizing the race for the Ring cyclists of tomorrow.

On Saturday, the little cyclists can do the same as their parents. On the same course! The race will start on the start and finish straight, from where the amateur and 24-hour racers will also set off later. Behind a Dextro Energy track car and followed by a service quad, the 8 to 10-year-olds will pedal four kilometers around the Grand Prix course and the 11 to 14-year-olds eight kilometers, spread over two laps. Both races start directly after each other. Anyone with a roadworthy bike can take part. Racing bikes are not compulsory. At the finish line, every little finisher receives a real Rad am Ring medal.

There is one classification for girls and one for boys per race. Places 1 – 3 from both races are honored with trophies on the big stage in the paddock.

To ensure that everything goes smoothly on the course, there will be a riding technique training session for the youngsters before the race from our long-standing Rad am Ring course professionals from the Dextro Energy Team and the Burn Babies Team.


You can register your mini racers here.


The number of participants is limited to 100 (50 per race). The start costs 3 euro.


Schedule Saturday, July 20, 2024:

7:00 – 8:30 a.m.      Distribution of starting documents/post-nominations (Participant Center pits 19 – 21)

08:50 a.m.                Meeting point for everyone: Mercedes Arena “Dextro-Town”

09:00 a.m.                Riding technique training for all

10:00 a.m.                Start of race 1 (yr. 2016 – 2014). Immediately afterwards start of race 2 (yr. 2013 – 2010)

11:00 a.m.                Award ceremony on the paddock stage


Riding skills training with Gerrit Glomser powered by Dextro Energy

The riding technique training is aimed at the participants of the Dextro Energy Kids Race. Participation is not compulsory, but is recommended.

Both age groups train together, focusing primarily on coordination and balance.

The training takes place in groups so that there are breaks for recovery. When groups take a break, the air pressure of the tires and the condition of the bikes are checked and optimized if necessary, and the secure fit of the helmets is checked.

The training takes place directly in front of the Dextro Energy tents (“Dextro Town”) in the Mercedes Arena of the Grand Prix circuit (see map).

After the training session, all participants will be escorted from “Dextro-Town” on their bikes to the start of the races.

The trainers will also accompany you during the race so that you don’t get lost.


Set of rules

1. helmets are compulsory for all participants in the technical training and in the race, the fit of the helmet will be checked before the technical training.

2. all children’s and youth bikes, as well as MTBs and racing bikes of the right size for the rider are permitted. E-bikes of any kind are not permitted!

3. the bike you bring with you must be roadworthy and must not have any safety defects on brakes, frame, saddle or other attachments.

4. attachments such as spacers, mirrors or luggage baskets must be removed before training and racing.

5. there is a checkpoint with bicycle pumps at the technical training, so that no pumps should be carried on the bike.

6. sturdy footwear is mandatory (no open sandals), cycling shoes or clipless pedals are allowed but not necessary.

7. participants must know the traffic rules and be able to cycle safely.

8. participants are free of infectious diseases and do not suffer from diseases that significantly limit their performance during the race.

9. the legal guardians are responsible for compliance with points 1 to 8, who expressly acknowledge the points of the rules and the exclusion of liability for the cycling technique training by signing them.

10. the ultimate responsibility lies with the race director, i.e. if a participant violates any of the above points, he/she may ultimately be removed from the technical training and/or the race by the race director.

11. Race 1 is organized for 8 -10 year olds (yr. 2016 – 2014).

12. race 2 is organized for 11- to 14-year-olds (yr. 2013 – 2010).

13. There will be separate classifications for girls and boys.

13. timekeeping will be done by transponder, which will be attached to the bike with cable ties by the Dextro team before the race.