Arrival & Parking

How to get to the Nürburgring

Directions to the Nürburgring

The Nürburgring is located approximately 90 kilometers southwest of Cologne and approximately 60 kilometers northwest of Koblenz directly at the B258.


Traffic management system

A traffic guidance system will be installed around the Nürburgring. Parking spaces for all participants who do not participate in the 24-hour race are located in Parkzone B and are signposted. The 24-hour participants follow the color coding system. There are two access zones:

  1. red and yellow; lots in the Grand Prix paddock and pit area
  2. blue and green: lots along the Grand Prix circuit

The color of your entry zone is documented by the color of your entry tickets. On the grounds, the differentiation into e.g. light blue and dark blue will be made and become relevant. You will be instructed accordingly by staff. See also the entrance map.


Recommended directions:

From the direction of Cologne follow the A1 to the end of the motorway, continue in the direction of Ahrhütte and from there continue on the B258.

From the direction of Trier or Luxembourg: A 48 to the Ulmen exit, from there take the B 257.

From Koblenz or Bonn: A 61 to the Wehr exit, from there continue on the B 412 until just before the Nürburgring, then turn onto the B 258.


Arrival by public transport:

Travelling by public transport is not recommended due to the existing infrastructure.


Address for navigation systems

Enter “53520 Nürburg” (Eifel) as address in navigation systems – Otto-Flimm-Straße if necessary. However, the signs in the immediate vicinity of Nürburg are explicit.


Parking at the Nürburgring

Visitor, amateur races, touring, etc.

Parking lots A5, A6, and A7 are available for all participants. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday a parking flat fee of 10 € is charged, which must be paid either when entering or exiting the parking lot. If you park your vehicle on Friday and leave on Sunday, you will only have to pay once!

Participants of the 24h races

The 24-hour teams and individual riders (road bike and mountain bike) will receive tickets for entry to the Grand Prix paddock 10 days before the event by mail. Entering is organized the same as in the past two years. Please refer to “Entering the paddock” for more information.

Additional free parking is available in the Dunlop bend within the area of the Grand Prix circuit. To do so, access via FSZ II and carry a copy of the booking confirmation for a 24-hour team as proof of identity.

Attention for large vehicles: The clearance height in the Hatzenbachtunnel is limited to 3.60m. In addition, the access road to the paddock is restricted for heavy vehicles. Vehicles with a height of more than 3.60 m and a permissible total weight of more than 7.5 tonnes that plan to use this access route must contact us by e-mail in advance.

Pick-up of the participant documents on Friday

Those who would only like to pick up participant documents on Friday, can park free of charge starting from 4 p.m. in the parking lot A8 (max 2 hours). However, the vehicle must be removed from the car park by 10 p.m. at the latest, as this car park will then be closed.

Parking is free for one hour in the multi-storey car park underneath ring°boulevard. Afterwards parking fees will be charged.

Spectator Places

Visitors and persons accompanying athletes have free access everywhere at Rad am Ring – except in a few restricted areas.

Along the Grand Prix circuit, the races can be watched from the grass verge at the edge as well as from individual points outside the Nordschleife. However, the erection of tents and similar equipment is prohibited along the track outside the parcels.

We have compiled the coordinates here for navigation aids such as Google Maps:

The Wehrseifen and Breidscheid sections are very easy to reach from the Adenau district of Breidscheid. Navigate to Breidscheid via the coordinates 50.376777, 6.950434 (link to Google-Maps), look for a car park and then either climb up to Wehrseifen or find a spectator spot in the area of the Breidscheid bridge.

The turn-off to the car park at the Brünnchen section can be found via 50.370744, 7.008665 (link to Google-Maps).

From there, a forest path (about 1,200 m on foot) also leads to the Hohe Acht section.

The car park at Pflanzgarten can be reached via 50.363782,6.999999 (link to Google Maps).

The mountain bike route crosses the district road twice in the area of Altes Forsthaus 50.346484,6.959366 (link to Google Maps). From there, spectators can follow the mountain bike trail on foot in various directions and also see single-trail passages.