Start number & Transponder attachment

How you mount it correctly

All participants will receive seat post and helmet numbers. For the MTB-Marathon there are additional handlebar numbers. Detailed information is provided by the two videos see below and the information sheet of our timekeeper (see starter kit). Participants without a start number must expect to be taken out of the race, or at least be fined.

Single riders, amateur- and mountain bike marathon riders receive the transponder as part of the seat post number. The 24-hour teams receive the transponder in a drinking bottle. This bottle is to be transported in the bottle holder on the bike. The participant assumes responsibility for alternative transport variants. Tests have shown that transponder bottles also work when carried in the back pocket. It is important that no jacket is pulled over it. It becomes particularly critical if, for example, a thick, wet jacket lies over the transponder and the signal is considerably weakened as a result.