2024 Booking Status: Starting Lists and Waiting Lists Filling Up

Are there any better fans than those of Rad am Ring? We don’t think so. After all, you’ve been diligently signing up again for this year’s event. So diligently, in fact, that the starting lists are filling up fast – and there are already no more lots available for the 24-hour road bike race. The waiting list for the 24-hour road bike race is also filling up nicely. We thank you very much for your commitment! And for those not yet registered but interested in a lot, you can join the waiting list by emailing to service@radamring.de. Please state your preferred 24-hour road bike race discipline and, if applicable, your preferred surface (asphalt, grass, gravel). We’ll get in touch as soon as a lot becomes available. For all other races, you can still register directly here.