24h hours on Zwift: Through the night with Roger

Imagine that you are not allowed to leave the house for six weeks, even though your usual daily routine includes at least 100 kilometers of cycling and you even like to spend 39 hours nonstop on the saddle from time to time. Extreme situations lead to extreme ideas: We’re talking about the sports director of our partner Philipps Bike Team. In addition to this, Roger Nachbur is at the moment trying to cope with the cancellation of the entire spring season on Mallorca and has an urgent need for normality: That means, he will ride a 24-hour race – as an individual cyclist of course! His race will start next Saturday at 12:42 p.m., just like the race at the Nürburgring. The track will be similar in layout to the Nordschleife, but it is located neither in the Eifel region nor on Mallorca, but in Watopia. This place is unfortunately only accessible for crazy Zwift riders. So, if you want to accompany Roger the whole time or just for a while, you are welcome to do so. You’ll need a bike trainer, a certain amount of craziness and a Zwift login. Please go here for further information.