Circuit Cycling and Rad am Ring: Unfortunately, only speculations

It’s amazing how little can be said in 45 minutes. And it’s a pity that we still can only speculate what is going to happen. Yesterday’s press conference of our governing politicians was unfortunately not the least revealing in terms of perspectives and strategies for the coming months. Short-term planning is still the order of the day. Differentiated considerations are not (yet) apparent. As things have to be interpreted according to what was said, until August 31, not even Circuit Cycling can take place, but starting from September 1, music festivals like Rock am Ring could be back. From this we can’t deduce any patterns of action at all, although we have developed many very differentiated scenarios in the past weeks. Today we wanted to provide you with as much concrete information as possible, but unfortunately, we can only speculate. We will now immediately demand a reliable official statement and we need to know whether more differentiated considerations can be expected over the next few weeks. I firmly believe that Nürburgring GmbH will support us in this clarification process. We are not an isolated case there, and the Nürburgring with its entire calendar of events is certainly of systemic relevance in the region. Until things are clarified, we cannot do anything and ask for your patience (see also the “Lockdown” announcement below). And hope is the last to die.