Blessing in disguise

The participant who crashed badly at the end of the 24-hour race at Rad am Ring is on the road to recovery.

We spoke to the team on the phone this morning and the following information is already known:

The casualty is in a stable condition and is responsive. He would like to expressly thank the first responders who stood by him at the scene of the accident. We would be grateful if the first responders could contact the organising team. The victim and his relatives would like to thank them personally for their support. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the DRK Ahrweiler for their quick and professional intervention and we are glad that we have the very good emergency infrastructure at the Nürburgring at our disposal for Rad am Ring.

The fall occurred without any external impact in the section between Kallenhardt and Wehrseifen. According to the current prognosis, no long-term damage is to be expected.

On behalf of the entire Rad am Ring family, we wish him a speedy recovery!