Philipps Bike Team and Rad am Ring – Two cycling events in one hand

Since 2018, Philipps Bike Team (PBT) and Rad am Ring (RaR) have maintained close contact. It makes sense – a cycling event and a cycling camp operator that helps you prepare for the race complement each other perfectly. Back in 2021, PBT was bought by RaR stalwart, Hanns-Martin Fraas, who furthermore took the sole ownership of eventwerkstatt GmbH, that is responsible for organizing Rad am Ring and ensuring the smooth running of the event on-site. Two cycling companies in one hand – a situation that brings PBT and RaR even closer together: “Both brands have very similar target audiences and an identical philosophy through me. We want to showcase this even more strongly to the outside world, and being able to decide freely is helpful for both brands. I look forward to the new era,” says Fraas with enthusiasm.