Riding technique training

The fun just starts offroad!

You are an (e-)biker and want to experience even more driving pleasure? Then a driving technique course with basics for the terrain is the best way. Here you will learn the most important movement sequences in order to be perfect and thus safe on the road. And that means: a better feeling on the bike and thus more driving pleasure! Because the bike fun begins where the asphalt stops! We teach you in a compact MTB driving technique course important movements, methodically, professionally taught and give you important building blocks on the way to feel even more flow in the future. Goal-safe bike mastery in the typical mountain terrain is the target focus of the course. Terms such as basic and active position, activated range, correct shift and brake technology, as well as the safe start on mountain and slope are here the teaching content.

Riding technique training


Start: Saturday, 24. July 2021, 10 a.m./ 3 p.m.

Meeting: Pit 33 MTB-X-Pert booth

Location: Offroad-Area Nürburgring

Time: ca. 2 hours

Maximum: 10 persons

Costs: 39,00€