Rad am Ring and Circuit Cycling cannot take place in 2021

Hello dear participants and friends of cycling sports, 

According to the current state of the ordinance, Rad am Ring and Circuit Cycling cannot be approved. The next change in the ordinance is announced for June 21, 2021 at the earliest. So much for the terse feedback from the district authority that reached us yesterday. Unfortunately, we do not receive any planning information under which conditions the hygiene concept, which is otherwise considered to be good, can be implemented. An event only for vaccinated and recovered people would obviously be approvable. So much for the general part of the message. 

Allow me to make a few personal comments: Incidences are falling (already below 19 today), vaccination rates are rising (to over 60% by the end of July – maybe). Politicians say a lot, but only in media-effective cases concrete things. We are happy to see what is and will be possible again. It is good to know that for the European Football Championship, concrete things were already known a few days ago, in order loosen special restriction. 

However, the fact that with regard to “normal life” after more than a year they are still driving on sight is unnecessarily destructive to existence. A concrete roadmap as a guide for us organizers, for example, is not too much to ask and has been overdue for more than a year. Yesterday, the round of minister presidents decided that they would again decide nothing on a nationwide basis, but instead form a working group regarding events. A differentiated consideration of events and their risks takes place only to a very limited extent. The literally breathtaking speed of pandemic management thus remains constant. So, unfortunately, 2021 will not be enough for us either. 

My team and I would like to thank all participants, partners and friends of Rad am Ring for your trust and patience! So many of you have been cheering along until the end, supported us and hoped for a comeback in 2021. Behind the scenes, we have given everything for Rad am Ring 2021 in the past months. We are accordingly disappointed and empty that there will be no happy ending for the Rad am Ring family this year either. We will gather ourselves in the next few weeks and then hopefully be able to venture a cautious outlook towards next year and inform you in due course! We wish you all the best from the bottom of our hearts. See you in 2022 – hopefully! 

Hanns-Martin Fraas with the whole Rad am Ring-Team