Rad am Ring will happen! #radamring2020 – July 25th and 26th!

Rad am Ring 2020! We don’t have to let Corona take that away completely. On July 25th and 26th the wheels will turn. Sure, the awesome Nürburgring is not available and we will not be able to enjoy the legendary race track together as a Rad am Ring family. But we will ride together. At least felt! And celebrate cycling in all its facets together despite everything.

Each for himself or in small teams. On the house track, the second favourite climb after the Hohe Acht, to the ice cream parlour, on Zwift or wherever you want. No matter whether 25, 75 or 150 km road bike. 24 hours by mountain bike or road sweeper. Team or individual, MTB marathon or completely free as a “tour rider”. Because all this is Rad am Ring.

Turn your garage into a pit box, put your tents on the lawn or the parking lot. Or just start on your track. Use the Garmin, Polar, Sigma, Wahoo or whatever as a transponder replacement for yourself or your team. No matter if two, three, six or 24 hours… experience the spirit of the Rad am Ring family together with us for a weekend.

And share your Rad am Ring 2020 with the Rad am Ring community. On Strava, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, TikTok or your blogs. With the hashtag #radamring2020.

The Rad am Ring Team will make shure that you’ll reach the Rad am Ring Community. We will be there 24h with posting, reposting and sharing over the whole weekend.