#RAR365 is online: Our annual program

One weekend is not enough for something as great, emotional and unifying as Rad am Ring. That’s why we’re expanding our offer. Rad am Ring is to be experienced all year round. In addition to our team being present at various events and the RaR training camp on Mallorca, this year there will be a cooperation with Zwift, which starts in February. In addition, our partner Roadbike is starting with their current issue 2 (already available in stores) with the series “Road to Rad am Ring”. In it you will find lots of tips on how to prepare for the cult cycling weekend at the end of July in the Eifel region. In addition to the new elements, some tried and tested offers will also remain, for example tours, tracks and training sessions. To find out how Rad am Ring will accompany you throughout the year 2020, please visit our website, menu item #RAR365.