Skin care after cycling

Tips from sebamed for top performance

Skin care plays a crucial role for athletes in particular, as it is exposed to special stresses. After intensive training sessions and frequent showers, your skin needs attention to keep it in top condition and minimise skin irritation. This is because every shower washes the skin’s own oils out of the skin and dries it out. To protect your skin barrier, it is therefore advisable to use products with a pH value of 5.5. This is where sebamed comes into play: the products not only support the natural skin barrier, but also ensure an optimum moisture balance.

In addition to the right equipment, optimal skincare is also crucial for preparing for Rad am Ring and for an unadulterated experience on site. Our partner sebamed supports you with expertise and suitable products, because sebamed stands for medical body care with a pH value of 5.5 for healthy skin.

The sebamed tip: Don’t wait too long to shower: the mix of sweat, skin oil and bacteria can cause blemished skin. It is therefore advisable to shower as soon as possible after training.