Wattasia World Cup: Cycling around the Republic

Participate in six races in Germany and have the chance to win a great prize. In a nutshell, that’s the idea behind the Wattasia World Cup, initiated by the hosts of the podcast of the same name. We think it’s great. That’s why we are not only participating with a joint “PBT and RaR” team in the races in Göttingen, Bad Salzungen, at the Bike Navy by the North Sea, at Nürburgring, in Erfurt, and in Münster, sometimes also with an expo stand. Philipps Bike Team are also sponsoring the 2nd prize: a week of cycling holidays on Mallorca. It has never been more desirable to be second, right? If you want to join, sign up at www.wattasia.de. See you at the starting line!