#20YearsRadamRing: We celebrate anniversary!

This year we celebrate our 20th anniversary and look back on eventful and exciting years! We want to celebrate this with the motto #20YearsRadamRing during the event weekend!
So many of you have been with us since the early years and the Rad am Ring family is constantly growing #wirsindradamring2003! Rad am Ring is making history and we are looking forward to the next chapters with you!

A little anecdote from the year 2003

2003 marks the beginning of the history of Rad am Ring. The now legendary 24-hour race counted only about 70 participants that year and was originally intended as a PR stunt as part of a multi-discipline event.

Shortly before dusk, not only the participants but also the organisers realised that appropriate lighting would make sense for the night (surprise!) – we had obviously not pointed this out properly. So, without further ado, the teams were allowed to send an escort vehicle along the route for the night in order to light the way for the riders. Unimaginable today.

After 24 hours we could happily welcome the Rad am Ring pioneers at the finish line!