24h Information

This applies to all 24h-participants

Pits, Lots & Hotels

At Rad am Ring, all pits and lots for setting up the team camps are located directly at the track, in a few cases in the immediate vicinity. The pits and lots are numbered and their exact location is shown on the map. The lot must be selected in the registration system when registering. This does not apply if you book a complete pit – see below. If you prefer to stay at the hotel, you will further below also find the “ride only” packages of the Dorint hotel which is located directly at the race track, too. In this case, please select “Dorint lot” when registering.


The kind and size of the lots can be seen in the table below and on the site plan. Basically, around 40 m² are reserved for a team of four, double for a team of eight and half for individual riders and teams of two. There may be some minor blurring.
In general, vehicles, trailers or other materials that cannot be parked on the booked lot must be parked outside the Grand Prix area in car parks A7, A5 (subject to charges) or in the Müllenbach loop (free of charge, only 24h participants).


Lot sections
Dimensions in m
Soil texture
A 1 114 3,5 x 12 Asphalt
AA 1 100 3,5 x 12 Asphalt
C 1 27 3,5 x 12 Asphalt
28 39 3,5 x 12 Gras
D 1 16 3,5 x 12 Asphalt
17 120 3,5 x 12 Half Gras half Gravel
121 161 3,5 x 12 Asphalt
162 181 6 x 7 Gras
182 188 4 x 10 Asphalt
189 210 4 x 10 Asphalt
211 254 3,5 x 12 Gras
255 279 4 x 10 Gras
280 286 4 x 10 Asphalt
287 358 3,5 x 12 Gras
DD 1 54 3,5 x 12 Asphalt
55 87 4 x 10 Gras
88 94 4 x 10 Asphalt
95 134 4 x 10 Gras
135 141 4 x 10 Asphalt
142 160 4 x 10 Gras
E 1 50 individuell Asphalt
EE 1 16 3,5 x 12 Asphalt
F 1 50 3,5 x 12 Asphalt
G 1 68 3,5 x 12 Asphalt
H 1 87 3,5 x 12 Asphalt
HH 1 8 3,5 x 12 Asphalt
i 1 25 3,5 x 12 Gras
J 1 60 3,5 x 12 Gras
JJ 1 20 3,5 x 12 Gras
K 1 27 3,5 x 12 Gravel
M 1 83 3,5 x 12 Asphalt
M 84 98 3,5 x 6 Asphalt (only single riders)
L 1 120 3,5 x 12 Gras
LL 1 40 3,5 x 12 Gras

Ground spikes, pegs and other ground fixing material

Pegs must not be driven into asphalted areas. Damage or soiling caused by a participant (including team members and supervisors, etc.) will be charged to the team manager or the individual rider.
Pegs or the likel that are driven into loose ground must be completely removed and taken home with you again. Most of our team camps are located in crash zones of the race track. If, for example, motorcyclists crash after Rad am Ring on Monday and get caught by a ground spike of Rad am Ring, this is unpleasant. Therefore, the race track operator scans all areas with great effort and this causes corresponding costs. Costs that can be clearly assigned to an originator are charged to the originator. The same applies to when using the rain gutter in the run-off zones. Therefore, on the asphalt weights are mandatory for securing the tents.

Requests for specific lots and special requests

Special requests for lots can only be fulfilled to a limited extent. This applies to oversized lots as well as to requests for specific lots. The allocation of the lot area “E” has been newly regulated specifically – see below.
The first step in any case is registration. Simply select any free lot and send us an e-mail (service@radamring.de) with registration number, participant name and start number. The rebooking request can then be placed in this mail. We will check it and fulfil it if possible. You can find out if it worked in the new confirmation of participation, which will be set up in our system and mailed to you.

Team-Manager of multiple teams

A person can not only manage one team but also more teams. This makes sense especially if you want to move participants between different teams back and forward. For this purpose, the team manager must log in all relevant teams through an account – so always use the same user account when logging in. A user account can be created during the first login.

Merging teams

If you did not find a coherent area for several teams at the time of registration, but wish to get one, you can apply for this at service@radamring.de. The prerequisite is that you have registered all relevant teams and individual riders. Then send us all registration information (see above) and the desired lot area – or even better: several to choose from. If possible, we will arrange for the rebooking and subsequently set up new confirmations of participation in the system for all registered teams and individual riders. Finally, you will get lots next to each other. The total width results from the number of lots, the total depth remains at twelve meters (depending on the lot area). This service is free of charge.

Lot area “E” for oversize lots

We can place oversized vehicles in the E area and merge several teams and create areas with a total depth greater than twelve meters (see above). You have to register the relevant teams and individual riders first. You can choose any free lot. Then send all registration information (see above) to service@radamring.de with the request to place you in the E lot area.
New and important: You will have to specify the exact dimensions of the desired lots (length x depth min 15 meters). If you need more than 20 percent more space than usual, additional costs will be charged. Each participant has 10 m² at their disposal. For ten participants this would be 100 m², which can then be extended to a maximum of 120 m² free of charge. Each additional m² costs five euros. The dimensions of the lots are drawn exactly on the asphalt on site.

Branding/advertising in lots

We do not want to lay down fundamentally new rules. However, the branding limit within the lots is reached at the latest when rights are claimed that usually are only granted to sponsors.
Basically, you are free to use equipment (e.g. tents, vehicles with lettering, etc.) on your lot. However, large advertising facilities and/or such that are especially designed to present a sponsor to all participants are forbidden. You should – and we will do so the same – have yourselves be guided by common sense.

Pit spaces for individual riders

A total of 18 spaces have been reserved for individual drivers in pit 4 of the Formula 1 pit area. Each participant has around 7 m² available in the pit. An additional 18 m² is available as parking space behind the pit. Pit spaces for individual riders are booked via the registration system.

Space 18 Space 1
Space 17 Space 2
Space 16 Space 3
Space 15 Space 4
Space 14 Space 5
Space 13 Space 6
Space 12 Space 7
Space 11 Space 8
Space 10 Space 9
Pit Lane

Pits for teams

The Formula 1 pit area comprises a total of 33 pits with an area of approximately 120 m² each. Two areas of 20 x 7 meters each are available behind the pit as parking space for vehicles. Pits can be booked for teams as a whole unit only. Of the 33 boxes, 16 are available for participants.

Pit price

The price for a complete pit is calculated from the occupancy with eight teams of four, participation fees included. In addition, an electricity flat-rate of 50.00 euros will be charged. This price is the minimum price. If the pit is occupied by several participants/teams, the surcharge is calculated by adding the additional participation fees (lot price).

Booking procedure

Send an e-mail to service@radamring.de with the binding order of a pit. The number of pits available is limited. If the number of parties interested exceeds the number of pits available, the time of receipt of the booking is decisive. Upon reception of your booking, we will send youma confirmation and an invoice with a payment term of four weeks. If the invoice has not been paid by this date, we will cancel the order.

Cancellation conditions pits

Complete pits can be cancelled free of charge until January 31 of the respective event year. Thereafter 50 % cancellation fees are due. From 60 days before the event the cancellation fee is 100 %.

Branding/ advertising in the pit area/ occupied space in the pit lane

We do not want to lay down fundamentally new rules. However, the branding limit within the lots is reached at the latest when rights are claimed that usually are only granted to sponsors. Also the occupancy of additional space in the pit lane by teams can no longer be controlled by lax and therefore imprecise handling. From 2019ff the following applies:

  1. As far as branding/advertising is concerned you are free do set up equipment in the pits and on the associated lot space in the paddock area according to the rules for “branding/advertising in lots”. In this respect, the pit ends with the gate that belongs to the pit and is available (damage caused by pasting adhesive labels or the like on any surface will be charged to the perpetrator).
  2. Branding in the pit lane is not permitted. The branding right can be purchased from the organizer as part of a sponsoring package.
  3. Additional space in the pit lane is not included in the participant price. Our regulations have not changed since the inaugural event.
  4. The erection of open tents (roof only) up to three meters in front of the pit gate is free of charge. Any branding on the tent is not permitted or subject to a charge (see point 2). A printed standard tent roof is tolerated.
  5. Two additional meters may be used free of charge to place chairs or bicycles in front of the open tent (see point 4).
  6. The respective areas that are free to use are marked with small dots. If you want to avoid misinterpretations, please measure the space yourself. If teams/participants fail to set up their spaces in accordance with the rules published here, we will first point this out to them in a friendly manner. However, we will no longer tolerate our instructions being ignored throughout the entire event.

The Dorint hotel’s “ride-only” packages

Dorint am Nürburgring Website


Whether for foreign participants arriving by plane or 24-hour participants who want to fully focus on riding: The Dorint hotel offers options of “carefree” packages.

For some, the team organization of a 24-hour race is an important part of the anticipation. On the plots at the track are lovingly to highly equipped team camps. Others have neither the time nor resources for the day-and-night framework.

And for these teams and participants, who want to have all the organizational requirements fulfilled with a booking, the Dorint Hotel has put together an “all-round carefree” package:

Comfort package: with overnight stay in a standard or comfort room in the Dorint hotel. Both options are offered in combination with the service and catering package below (limited contingent)

In front of the Dorint hotel on the starting and finishing straight, an exclusive transition zone will be set up, which is only a few meters away from the conference center and can be reached through an “opening in the fence”. There you get in and out of the race (track). The bikes will be taken to the conference center (separate room, see below).

Food and drinks

Conference room Indianapolis with chairs, including terrace with view to the race track, self-service. Opening hours: Friday 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. and Saturday 8 am to Sunday 3 p.m. open throughout


regional Dinner buffet (6:30 p.m.-9:30 p.m.)
From 6:00 p.m. soft drinks, coffee and tea, beer and house wine


Breakfast buffet (7:00-10:00 a.m.)
Soft drinks, coffee and tea as well as fruit and candy bar
Vital buffet for lunch (noon-2:00 p.m.)
Pasta meal (continuous Saturday noon – Sunday 02:00 p.m.)
Evening regional buffet (6:30-9:30 p.m.); additional (see above) beer and house wine


Breakfast buffet (7:00-10:00 a.m.)
Soft drinks, coffee and tea as well as fruit and candy bar
Vital buffet for lunch (noon-2:00 p.m.)
Pasta meal (continuous Saturday noon – Sunday 02:00 p.m.)

Bicycle station

In an extra room, also in the conference center, the road bikes and mountain bikes can be parked (please bring a bicycle lock)
The Dorint participants, like everyone else, will receive technical assistance from the Technical Service in the pit lane.

Wellness and showers

In the wellness area (basement) showers, sauna, steam bath and fitness room are available around the clock.
Towels, bath slippers and bathrobes are provided.

Packages and prices

The first step is to register for one of our 24-hour races. When registering, choose the offer “Dorint” under “Lot”. After that you complete the registration to close a regular contract with the organizer for the respective race discipline.

Upon receipt of the confirmation of participation you then contact the Dorint hotel and book the desired overnight accomodation and service package there.

Catering and service package plus two overnight stays (Friday to Sunday) in the Dorint hotel (4 stars)

Standard double room: € 370.00 per person
Standard single room: € 398.00 per person

Comfort double room: € 390.00 per person
Comfort single room: € 418.00 per person

Team corrections during the race

It happens regularly that teams find themselves listed in the wrong result lists during the race. On the one hand, the age categories on the other hand, the rating for women or men / mixed. These corrections are correct and important for all to achieve a fair outcome. However, for many teams at night already begins the tactics with a view to the ranking in the personal environment. Therefore, we close the assignment to a “new” age group or women / men ranking on Saturday at 9 pm. Upon notification of the erroneous assignment after 9 pm, the teams will nevertheless be deleted from the result of this category.

End of the 24h races

The end of the 24-hour races is indicated at Rad am Ring by waving of a black and white chequered flag. This will take place at the time published in the schedule. For 2019, the 24-hour races ar planned to be waved off at a quarter past noon.
If you cross the finish line at noon, 14 minutes and 59 seconds, you will therefore not yet see the black and white chequered flag and may ride another lap. Theoretically, one second later, the race is over for all following cyclists. By crossing the finish line at noon and 14 minutes, the riding time is of course extended – but the number of laps ridden also increases and therefore the result is fair and correct.

Track lighting/accident black spots

The following sections of the Nordschleife are illuminated: Fuchsröhre, Wehrseifen and Brünnchen

In addition to the right turn in the “Kallenhardt” section, these are also the accident black spots.

On the mountain bike track the single trail is illuminated and the descent is the accident black spot.