24h races cancelled – chances for other disciplines: Latest decision Rad am Ring

The 24-hour races of Rad am Ring are cancelled – as well as the time trial and the touring rides.

According to our current information, the amateur races and the mountain bike marathons (all distances) are not unlikely to take place on July 25. We know that more detailed information on outdoor sports and major events will be given in the coming weeks, on the basis of which we will be able to make better and still timely decisions.

For organizational reasons, the processing of cancellations and refunds will be handled by our service provider Abavent. From them, the participants of the cancelled disciplines will soon receive another individualized e-mail directly from the system with all important information and instructions for action.
All decisions were made after careful consideration as well as long discussions within the team, with participants and experts. Posing health risks to participants, employees or service providers has never been an option.

The current situation is threatening for us as organizers. We have already explained this in a personal e-mail to our participants and ultimately hope for a basis for the organization of Rad am Ring in the future: The planned date is July 23 to 25, 2021 (date subject reservation). This offers both hope and incentive. Let’s come back!

The video from CEO Hanns-Martin Fraas with all information again in visual form here