Status Rad am Ring and Circuit Cycling: We are not that important

You are important, the health of all people is important. It is important that we still have fun together for many years at the Nürburgring. Our events, especially Rad am Ring, are still so far away that no one can foresee if and how the Corona crisis will affect them. Circuit Cycling is planned for May 16, 2020 and at the moment the ban on events in Rhineland-Palatinate “initially until Easter” still applies. What happens after this deadline, whether the current situation changes at all until May 16, 2020, is not foreseeable. Economic consequences for us and for you are therefore not foreseeable either. Organizers, who have planned their events in these days, are much worse off. We wish them the necessary strength to get through this.

What we do: We’ll stay available for you. Hotline times (Mon, Wed, Fri 9 o’clock till noon) will remain the same, our participant communication will continue without any restrictions. For the Circuit Cycling all organizational measures have already been taken. Here we can react almost daily to developments. At the same time, we will explore an alternative date in 2020. For Rad am Ring we will continue to work as usual, as we do not want to think of anything else but an event at the end of July. All other activities such as visits to trade fairs, small trips and events will be discontinued or have already been discontinued by law – see also the announcement “Mallorca”.