24h-MTB-Race around the famous Nürburg

Single trail through the Eifel forest, challenging descents, and at the beginning of each MTB lap around the Nürburgring you ride across the Formula 1 arena at the Nürburgring. The 24 -MTB race is as unique, exciting and challenging as his cult counterpart on the Nordschleife asphalt.

The 24h-race excerts a special fascination. The sporting and organizational challenges have extraordinary dimensions – day and night. This challenges not only the athletes, but the entire team of carers, supporters and friends. 24-hour races are not alone athletic competition on the track, but also the coping with the common challenge. And after 24 hours through the “Green Hell”, there are only winners.

At the 24-hour mountainbike race at the Nürburgring everyone will find his personal challenge. The race is counted in the disciplines single rider and teams of 2, 4 and 8. Extreme athlete and passable trained amateur racers will enjoy themselves.

A mountain bike lap measures around 9.5 kilometers with about 200 meters of altitude. The first section leads across the asphalt of the Grand Prix track. Then it’s off on gravel and meadow paths uphill towards the historic Nürburg. The rise is followed by a firm downhill part with a narrow dirt track and later on a single trail with topography and narrow bends. Then it goes over the Antoniusbridge into the new part of the track with a fast downhill ride a la Fuchsröhre .After a hairpin bend back track goes steeply uphill back to Antonius-Bridge before riders enter on famous Nordchleife at “Hohenrain” Chicane and cross the finish line again.

The Nürburgring, offers perfect conditions for the 24h-MTB race with its Formula 1 infrastructure. Each team / participant gets an exact pit or parcel on the extensive ground next to the racetrack. Each participant pit/parcel is right on the race track and provides enough space for the team camp.

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An adventure course with surprises

The mountain bike track at Rad am Ring leads from the Nürburgring up to the historic Nürburg and back – an adventure track with surprises.

On the legendary finishing straight of the Nürburgring, the 24h mountain bike track starts right away with a unique experience. In the fantastic atmosphere, where the protagonists of the Formula 1 let the engines roar, you can only hear the buzzing of chains and the hustle and bustle from the mighty pit area. At the end of the finishing straight, a sharp right turn leads directly into the Mercedes Arena. From there, the track turns right again and crosses the entire paddock. There, the race teams camp right next to the track, creating an atmospheric arena for all the participants. Out of the paddock the GP course is crossed and with a loose downhill passage on asphalt the relaxed part slowly but surely comes to an end. A short “bunny hop” (at km 2.7) brings the MTB riders  right into the terrain below the Nürburg.


Over meadows it goes first only slightly uphill. Then follow likewise rising gravel paths up to the road crossing (permanently closed; at about km 3.5). After that, meters of high altitude demand strength and condition. Over field and forest paths as well as a short narrow path, the distance and pulse increase up to the Nürburg, the absolute highlight of the route.


Magnificent views of the Nürburgring, the town and far into the Eifel landscape are a first reward for the strenuous efforts. A “single trail” over 500 meters steeply downhill is the cream on the top for specialists. The track then widens again for a short time and then leads into a forest section with around 300 meters of lively ups and downs on eventful “single trials”. After another road crossing (permanently closed off; at about km 5.2) the route leads again over meadows and field paths. Now it’s “chain right”, and the players can really “let it fly” over the Antonius bridge to the lowest point of the new section of the route. After a hairpin bend, there is a short, nasty climb back to the Antonius bridge. There the MTB course joins the Nürburgring-Nordschleife and leads over asphalt back to start & finish.

Overnight stay

On the legendary Nürburgring

At Rad am Ring, all pits and lots for setting up the team camps are located directly at the track, in a few cases in the immediate vicinity. The pits and lots are numbered and their exact location is shown on the map. The lot must be selected in the registration system when registering. This does not apply if you book a complete pit – see “24h Info”. If you prefer to stay at the hotel, you will also find the “ride only” packages of the Dorint hotel which is located directly at the race track, under this link too. In this case, please select “Dorint lot” when registering.