Happy New Year: The old one was better than we thought!

We wish you all a wonderful, eventful new year. We will enjoy it to the fullest at the Nürburgring by the end of July at the latest.

Nearly two years are now behind us under the sign of the pandemic. These were very stressful times, especially emotionally. Between existential fears, missing orientation points for planning and decisions and unclear interpretations of funding programs, our nerves were often strained to the limit. We were able to keep going because of your support in 2020 and since shortly before Christmas we know that we will be able to benefit from funding to such an extent that our two-year deficit will, contrary to fears, “only” remain in five figures.

I have been critical of the political handling of the project on several occasions in the past. The reality is that we were not left to fend for ourselves, because short-time working allowances, loans, subsidy programs, your support and our tenacity have all worked together effectively. That is gratifying and makes us grateful. The many unanswered questions should not play a role in this report. But we would like to express our thoughts to those who are still left behind on the Corona-loser-road.

Hanns-Martin Fraas (Head of organisation Rad am Ring)