New parcels: here are the newcomers

As announced, we opened additional parcels on the Ring grounds for participants, teams, and supporter for the 24-hour races. Specifically, we expanded the J area right next to the track. In addition, there are the new R and S parcels. They are not directly next to the track, but have their own access from the highway, allowing you to enter and exit the area at any time – and comfort is guaranteed.

The two new areas, that – just like the J parcel – are located on the left of the race track at Hatzenbachbogen, will become the SMI Camp. Since our partner is an expert in accommodation solutions, it will be a comfortable setting with a camp-in-camp area and a campfire. We will also set up a sleeping tent for individual riders and supporters. There will be sanitary facilities with toilets, showers, and electricity. We will secure a transition zone at the left edge of the track and create a passage for you to reach the Expo area.

All SMI customers who already booked can switch to the new parcels for free. For new bookings, we recommend checking the SMI website for available packages and individual options. The new plots are now available for booking in the Rad am Ring booking portal. They are already marked on the new layout plan. (Location Plan – Rad am Ring) If the new parcels are fully booked, we will keep a waiting list, as we expect a correspondingly larger number of cancellations before the event due to the large number of bookings.