Not so easy: looking back on the past three weeks

About three weeks ago the decision to cancel the 24h races was made and after long considerations and discussions the participant information of April 30 was written in the hope that it will save us from insolvency.

At first glance an insolvency may not sound so terrible for a GmbH (Ltd.), but if you take a closer look, you’ll find there would have been only be losers. According to cautious estimates, participants would only have been refunded around 20 percent of their registration fees. We, too, would have lost money, let alone the stressful settlement process with the insolvency administrator and we would almost certainly have lost credit with you, too. So, there’s no question that we will also invest money into a “we will make it without insolvency” version.

After endless calculations and some reading tea leaves (or sometimes beer froth), the offer you are familiar with came about. I gave a rough explanation in a video (this passage did not exist in the written text) in addition to the written information, and I would like to leave it at that.

To secure the event’s future, many service providers and supporters contributed, too, who accommodated us this year or who promised to support us next year.

Together, we have managed to secure the future of Rad am Ring, each with his or her individual contribution. From the many e-mails we have received, we can understand the most diverse motives for the individual decisions. There are people who were hit harder by Corona than Rad am Ring and for many this event is not the only one that got cancelled. Many prioritized the support of Rad am Ring, others focused on other events or simply made use of their right. Anyway, we are glad to have you all as our participants. You are stunning and simply the best. We consider this an obligation for the future!