Participant information: Update 1

Dear participants and friends of Rad am Ring,

since our participant information from yesterday, the mailboxes are overflowing and we would like to thank you for all your reactions. They encourage us.
Some questions are repeated in the mails, which we cannot all answer individually. Therefore we would like to summarize the most important answers in this participants information.

Questions that we have already answered in the video are now left out and we ask you to simply watch the video again if in doubt.

Why is the 24h race not switchedto a later point in the year?
There are no free dates at the Nürburgring at the moment and the situation is not getting better. Furthermore, we think a postponement to September would be problematic. The night will be longer and colder – well – there’s never any rain at the Nürburgring anyway… The main point is that we were forced to make a decision which will bring a result for our participants and not cause further waiting. And we also need clarity for the future.

Why is there no voucher?
We could only issue a voucher for next year. This does not solve our problem, it only postpones it into the future. Whether we are able to organize Rad am Ring 2021, we do not know for sure.

Is Rad am Ring 2021 safe?
Rad am Ring 2021 is firmly planned by the Nürburgring and there is also a preliminary date with us as organizers: July 23-25, 2021. But we have to – as outlined in the video/writing – go through the current unknown scenery now. And we won’t be sure about that for several days.

Is it also possible to waive the entire refund?
We did not dare to hope so. There are these requests – thank you very much! So we will create this choice in the mail from Abavent.

Is it possible to transfer to the public race?
At the moment we will not accept any new bookings for the Public Race and the MTB Marathon, and therefore it will not be possible to change bookings from 24h Race to Public Race. Only when we are sure that the Public Race can take place, we can become active in this respect.

Can we keep our parcel for 2021?
This is a very good question and we are working on it! That means, honestly, we ask Abavent to find a solution. Information will follow.

Why don’t you do a virtual 24h race on Zwift?
We are already working on that as well and have also considered the date 25-26 July. So we don’t have any time pressure yet. However, the basic rule is – first we have to get our shop in order. But there will certainly not be any commercial offer from Rad am Ring to which you could change your booking.

Best regards
Team Rad am Ring