Public races at Rad am Ring 2023: Book now and secure early bird prices!

Until 30 April you can still secure a starting place for the Everyman races at an early bird price. You can choose between 25 km, 75 km (3 laps) or 150 km (6 laps) through the “Green Hell”.
One lap measures 24.4 kilometres in the Everyman version and, in addition to 84 bends, also offers around 560 metres of altitude. As you would expect, the asphalt is perfect and offers good grip, especially in the winding downhill sections.
Up to 100 km/h have already been measured in the Fuchsröhre. But that is by no means obligatory. Unavoidable, however, is the ascent to the “Hohe Acht” section with a short-term gradient of up to 17 percent. Here, at the latest, even cyclists understand the nickname “Green Hell”, which Formula 1 legend Jackie Stewart gave to the Nürburgring in the 1970s.