Rad am Ring participant fees: We will debit until February at the earliest

We firmly assume that Rad am Ring will take place in July 2021, but we want to give you maximum security with your booking. We have not yet debited any fees and have announced to do this earliest in the end of January. Due to the current developments, we will postpone this date again and will not collect the participation fees before mid/end of February.

Of course we will inform you again in time before the debit date. This means that you can continue to observe the situation in a relaxed manner, as cancellations are possible free of charge before the fees are debited.

We would like to point out again all relevant possibilities and the consequences: If you cancel your booking before the debit no fees will be charged. In case of cancellation after debiting, the general terms and conditions apply: This means that 60 days before the start of the event, only a small handling fee is due. In case of cancellation of the event due to Corona we are obliged to refund according to the legal regulations and our terms and conditions. But this is also irrelevant for you until the debit.