Rad am Ring was on Mallorca: Great premiere

Even if the Nürburgring and its surroundings is a fascinating cycling area – sometimes it is still quite nice to cycle somewhere else. From April 13 to 20 the RaR the training week on Mallorca celebrated its premiere: a camp with night training as a highlight, which we organized together with Philipps Bike Team (PBT). Hanns-Martin Fraas, head of Rad am Ring, and announcer Holger Kremers were on the Balearic island, too, and are highly satisfied: “The premiere including night training went smoothly. The atmosphere was good during the whole week and the weather almost always as well. We made many new friends and met old ones,” enthuses Fraas. The camp (in 2020) and the cooperation – this year with the extensive PBT offer – will certainly be continued. But for now we are (also) looking forward to welcoming at the Nürburgring about 70 participants from the PBT circle, who will take part in Rad am Ring.