Status of Rad am Ring and Circuit Cycling: We know that we don’t know anything!

We know that we don’t know anything. We are all waiting and hoping for a reasonably reliable scenario that the German government plans to present to us after Easter. But we are considering all realistic scenarios in order to spend the time until we got certainty as sensibly as possible. At the moment, however, we cannot derive any serious information from this. Not even for Circuit Cycling on May 16. As of today, both Circuit Cycling and Rad am Ring will take place on the planned dates. Rad am Ring is comparatively far away, hence a certain logic derives from this. For Circuit Cycling we have to go a little more into depth.

If social distancing regulations will indeed be relaxed bit by bit from April 20 onwards, it cannot be ruled out that the expected 600 to 700 participants could be admitted to the extensive Nürburgring area – an equalization of the registration area and similar measures provided. It is unclear, however, whether Circuit Cycling fits into the possibly planned relaxation measures or not. As long as this cannot be excluded, we cannot expect to get an alternative date at the Nürburgring. Only when it is reasonably clear which events in May and June have to be rescheduled in all will we know the extent to which we will have to plan alternatives at the Nürburgring. We are all somewhat helplessly sitting in the same boat here. But please remember: none of the scenarios we are speculating about here is life-threatening!

I have the greatest respect for those who are steering the great steamer Federal Republic of Germany through these turbulent times and who have the courage to deny us simple answers to complicated questions.

Remain healthy and in solidarity!