Update Rad am Ring 2021: Participation fees due at the end of May at the earliest

We can absolutely understand that you are longing for planning security regarding Rad am Ring 2021. So do we. But at the moment we can only look into the crystal ball and postpone the date for the collection of the participation fees once again and now until the end of May.

We still think that Rad am Ring 2021 is possible and are doing everything we can to make it happen. Unfortunately, it is difficult to predict at the moment how the situation and the regulation situation will develop until July and how we can react to this with our already developed hygiene and test concepts. Finally, the question remains open whether the regulations that will apply in July will also be “affordable”.

A decisive criterion for this will certainly be the further progress of the vaccination campaign. As things stand, we can be cautiously optimistic about the summer.

In order to give you maximum security with your existing booking, we won’t collect the participant fees for the time being (see above). Free cancellations are possible at any time.

The entire Rad am Ring team would very much like to welcome you back to the Green Hell after two years. For that we will give everything, remain optimistic and are very happy if you are giving us and Rad am Ring 2021 further on a chance!