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Welcome to the WPCC website of Rad am Ring. The Nürburgring will be the host of the World Cycling Championship for Journalists (WPCC) as part of Rad am Ring from 22 to 24 July 2022. We’re looking forward to welcome the international press and present the programme on this website.

Für die Buchung müsst ihr bei der WPCC einen Code anfordern. Die Teilnahme ist für WPCC-autorisierte Personen kostenlos.


Unless otherwise regulated on this subsite, the regulations of Rad am Ring apply.


To register, participants will receive a code (VIP code), which will be sent by the WPCC after checking the journalist’s ID. Please send an e-mail with your name, address and a copy of your ID to registration@wpcc22.com

Those entitled to use the code can register at the following link: REGISTER HERE

In the registration you can then choose in which disciplines you would like to participate. After registering, you will receive a confirmation of registration by e-mail, which you should bring with you to pick up your participation documents on site.


The WPCC 2022 will be held in three disciplines.

Public Race 

  1. Distances
    • 75 km men M1, M2
    • 50 km women / men M3
  2. Start
    • 75 km: Extra starting block behind block D 75 km – The block is called “WPPC 1”.
    • 50 km: Extra starting block behind “WPCC 1” and is called “WPCC 2”.
    • The entry lane is the same as for Everyman races, i.e. black.
    • These starting blocks will be set up in the pit lane. The blocks will be brought forward via the access lane to the blocks after the start of the 75 km
    • The start will take place quickly after block D

Time Trial 

  1. We will start with 2 starters at 10 second intervals from a ramp. Participants will be “held” before the start
  2. The first start will be around 20:25 hrs the last around 20:50 hrs
  3. The rules of Rad am Ring apply

Individual sprint  

  1. Distance 300 m
  2. Location: finish line minus 300 m
  3. We will start with 1 starter in 20-second intervals.
  4. The start will be standing with assistance without ramp .
  5. First start Friday, 2 p.m., last start approx. 3 p.m.
  6. The regulations of the time trial Rad am Ring apply.

Classification / age groups

The WPCC will be judged in the following age groups.

There will be (no) overall classification for men and women.

There will only be a classification within the individual disciplines.

  • M1: men 21-44 years old / 2001 -1978  
  • M2: men 45-59 years old / 1977-1963  
  • M3: men 60+ / 1962 and older 
  • W: women  

Starting numbers, starter bag

There is only one starting number range. The numbers will be assigned in ascending order according to booking. This start number then entitles the holder to participate in all disciplines. There are two colours – one each for M1 and M2 and one for W and M3. All WPCC participants will receive a starter bag .

Travel, accommodation, location information, etc.

You can find all information and services about Rad am Ring HERE.


The accompanying programme has not yet been finalised. The information below is subject to change.


  • Welcome – Venue t.b.a.
  • Issue of starting documents
  • Information about procedures
  • Introduction of contact persons


  • 10:00 Backstage tour Nürburgring
  • 14:00 Sprint
  • 20:00 Time Trial
  • from 20:00 Tables reserved in Foodcorner – meal voucher, free drink


  • 12:00 Public race
  • 18:00 Award ceremony
  • From 19:00 Barbecue party Box
  • Farewell


  • 10:00 Tourstart “Tour de Ahr”
  • 12:00 – Stop for refreshments
  • 14:00 Return

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