The adventure of the 24-hour race: This is what you absolutely have to bear in mind

The 24-hour race is a very special challenge! Also from an organisational point of view. As all the plots are fully booked this year, there are a few things to bear in mind to ensure that everything runs smoothly on site and that you can fully enjoy the challenge of the Green Hell!

Your lot and your neighbours’ plots: take note of the dimensions!

We are very pleased that all lots are fully booked this year. However, this also means that all plots are occupied. If you don’t set up according to plan, the neighbour has a problem or his neighbour or….or. But at some point, some neighbour will surely not be able to set up because there is not enough space. Then everyone will have to correct their set-up until we are on schedule. This will be annoying for everyone and we therefore ask you to keep to your limits when setting up.

You can find out the size of your lot HERE. The plot marking in the form of a barrier or a sticker on the guard rail always marks the middle of your plot.

Electricity: Everything you need to know about electricity on the plots can be found HERE. However, the amount of electricity available is limited. Fan heaters, hair dryers and similar “electricity suckers” are therefore not welcome.

Branding on the lot: You can find out what to look out for HERE.

Barbecuing on the lot: Barbecuing with an open fire is prohibited on the entire site! The same applies to the pouring out of charcoal to burn out. This must be properly disposed of and completely extinguished! There is a danger of forest fires due to the current dry weather. We ask for your support!

Entry ticket not received or forgotten: Your entry ticket has not arrived? Then park on arrival at the Nürburgring in car park A 8 (1h free of charge) and come on foot or by bike to the participant centre (Box 18 – 21). Bring your registration confirmation with you and contact the helpdesk staff. There you will receive a replacement entry ticket.

Change or add team riders on site: Changing team riders at the 24h race does not cost anything on site, for late team bookings we charge a processing fee of five euros on site. To do so, please come to the Participant Centre at our Helpdesk (Box 18-21).  All changes must be made by 8pm on Saturday at the latest.

Attachment of transponder bottles for 24h teams: Please note that the transponder bottles for teams are not magnetic and must be transported in a bottle holder.