Rad am Ring 2023: We say thank you! 

Rad am Ring is history and we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Thank you for every single second we were able to celebrate cycling with you in the Green Hell!

Thank you for your outstanding team spirit, your loyalty, your support and your sportsmanship.

Thank you for making Rad am Ring what it is for 20 years now! Simply indescribably beautiful and unique!

Thanks also to all our partners, sponsors, hard-working helpers and rescuers who have been on duty day and night! Without you such an event would not be possible!

The whole Rad am Ring team is very relieved that the rider who fell was lucky! Your understanding for the race cancellation and the overwhelming sympathy of the Rad am Ring family has shown more than ever: #WEARERADAMRING!

See you in July 2024!

Review of Rad am Ring

That was Friday & Saturday at Rad am Ring (german)
This was Sunday at Rad am Ring (german)